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door installation services

Oops. You have moved into a new home or office and the doors of the garage are not fixed properly. You called the previous owners to resolve the issue but have got no result? In such cases, we at Garage Door Repair in Mill Basin area can be at your service. We are experts at correcting wrongly aligned or tilted garage doors in a proper manner. We will never use unnecessary force on the door as it may ruin the door. We will use our tools and skills to open the door, remove it from its hinges and re-install it. We can also help you with the task of new motor installation so that you don’t have to open the door or close it manually in the future. A remote will do that for you and thus the chances of the door being tilted or wrongly opened or closed would reduce by a lot. You can trust us to find a perfect solution to the door tilting or alignment problem as we seek the root cause like broken spring and rectify it so that you don’t need to call us again in the near future. We do want your loyalty but not at a heavy cost to you.